Event to help families fight diabetes in Dubai

  • 7 months ago

Experts will shed light on the importance of the family as the thought provokers, pillars of strength and motivators for a diabetic patient for easy management of the condition at a public session today. Khaleej Times and experts from the Aster and Access Clinics & Pharmacies will get together at the Millennium Plaza Hotel to connect families and empower them to become the circle of strength for a diabetic patient.

The Aster Circle of Strength was launched on World Diabetes Day (Nov 14) to empower families to fight diabetes and it represents the blue universal symbol for diabetes. The circle also cues in the support system, represents holistic care for diabetes and attention to detail by educating, treating, offering support through groups and screening for a diabetic patient with the help of the caregivers.

Dr Prakash S Pania, endocrinologist consultant, Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai (Aster Jubilee Medical Complex), who will be present at the event, said: “Globally one in 11 people are currently living with diabetes.”

He said the UAE ranks 15th in the world with prevalence of diabetes. “Diabetes is a silent killer and is commonly associated with obesity, hypertension and increased cholesterol levels.” Diabetes is a leading cause of heart disease, stroke and blindness, kidney failure and lower limb amputations.
Dr Vishal Pawar, specialist neurologist, Aster Specialty Clinic, International City, said: “Diabetic neuropathy is seen in 26 per cent of people with type 2 diabetes at the very diagnosis of diabetes itself. The most common symptoms of neuropathy include pain, burning, tingling, numbness in the toes and feet, and extreme sensitivity to light touch.”

Dr K Janardhan, specialist ophthalmologist, Aster Clinic, Karama, said: “Diabetes, if left untreated, can cause serious damage to your eyes and vision. As a diabetes patient, if you experience the warning signs such as blurred vision, double vision, a sudden decrease in vision, and spots before your eyes, please consult an ophthalmologist immediately.” For patients and families, Aster will provide an exclusive online education hub and community interventions such as reaching out to kids. It will also reach out to housewives to make them the circle of strength for the diabetics through a series of online recipe videos using prominent regional food influencers.

Free glucometers will also be offered to those attending the event and coming with a diabetic prescription at Aster pharmacies. The event will be an opportunity for people to get an overview of the disease as a number of experts will attend and answer diabetes-related queries. Other doctors also present at the event will be Dr John Cherian, specialist nephrologist, Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai & Aster Hospital Mankhool, Dr Indira Venkataraman, specialist obstetrician & gynaecologist, Aster Clinic, Al Muteena, and Lubna Abdussalam Dhalani, dietician, Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai (Aster Jubilee Medical Complex).